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Sticky Post: Here’s the Deal

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I’m going to basically use this website as a download archive for all my Sims content. Most of my stuff is currently housed on my LiveJournal. I have the domain, I only use this domain for Sims related things, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add things here so that they are easily accessible in case LiveJournal is down or maybe if I get sick of using LiveJournal (I doubt that). There will be more Sims on here than what I would usually add to my LiveJournal download archives. Here you will be able to find the legacy spare children.

This isn’t my first time attempting this. I’m determined to really get it done this time though because Mediafire has been deleting some of my downloads and I don’t want to pay for a bigger Box account. I am already paying for the website and I have bandwidth to spare. It’s the best situation for me!

As a special thing for the website I’m going to re-package ALL my Sims and as they hit the adult stage in game, I’m going to put them in a special “archive” neighborhood. Once there I will be taking new preview pictures of them and hopefully recreating their house and also putting that up for download. The reason I’m repackaging them is that I want to be sure there are no surprises in custom content and I want to make clean versions of all sims. It’s a fun project that I’m excited to start! I’m going to start with Generation 1 of all my legacies and go from there. Eventually I’ll even do a custom layout but I’m afraid I’ll get too distracted by that and never get started!

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